The Community Police Forum (CPF) is NOT a security company, it is NOT the SPCA or part of the Tshwane Metro Council either. Its Members are merely the eyes and ears for SAPS. Working together with SAPS, the CPF enhances SAPS's ability to combat and prevent crime. We are able to monitor, evaluate and advise SAPS; who in turn become accountable to the community they serve. 

As Sector 4 of the Sinoville Community Police Forum, we have in place a system that works for us; outstanding Radio Users & Patrollers, who support our Control 4s. Regular Patrollers ensure our safety and Medics that are invaluable to our community. The nearby Crisis Centre assists us when needed, offering their time and support that is greatly appreciated by all.

The CPF is also ably assisted by the Sinoville Fire Fighting Association that has proven to be both effective and of great value during our 'dry season', the beginnings of a great community pulling together.

The CPF offers free training for our members, like  Radio User, Patroller and Controller Courses.

          'Knowledge is power'





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