Doornpoort has a very effective neighbourhood patrol system. Our job is not to take over the work of the SAPS, but to be the eyes and ears, and to pass on this information via the correct channels onto them so that we can live in a crime free area. Our visibilty is a subtle way of letting prospective criminals know that we are out and about and are aware of their movements. You don't need to be a trained soldier to become a patroller. Visibility is our ultimate goal. You aren't required to exit your vehicle at any time during your shift.

Your patrol leader will assist by contacting the SAPS should their assistance be needed. Patrolling is open to all, training will be provided so that you have an understanding as to the rules and regulations. Our patrol vehicles can be recognised by the signage on the motor vehicle doors. The boards can be ordered at a cost of R150.00 per set.

If you would like to join, please click on the following link to open the application form:  


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